Laurent Vernhes, founder of Tablet Hotel

1/ Who are you? Laurent Vernhes, founder of Tablet Hotels, the world reference, translated into 8 languages, in terms of online hotel guides.

2/ Why Tablet Hotels? Because professional travellers who, like me, spend their lives in hotels needed it. There was an obvious lack in that regard. Our model is that of an online travel agency, which guarantees the ethics of our selection: we only sell hotels that we could recommend, so there is no conflict with our mission and total transparency towards our customers.

3/ What is your favourite destination in the world? I don’t really have a favorite destination. I like the contrast and don’t like to retrace my steps, you never have the same experience twice. If I had to have a second home, it would be in Big Sur, California. But it’s not very convenient from New York….

4/ What is your favorite hotel in the world? In my ultra-privileged situation, any answer is impossible. I will simply say this: the level of hotels in Asia has no equivalent in the rest of the world – especially for service – and at prices that we can only dream of elsewhere.

5/ What are the 3 essentials of your suitcase? On reflection, nothing is essential! A few years ago, British Airways misplaced my suitcase by mistake, which made my trip much more interesting. The suitcase finally made it to New York, but well after me….



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