Meeting with Frédéric Savoyen

Frédéric Savoyen, co-founder of MyTravelChic

Who are you? ? A passionate traveler for 20 years….

Why ? Combine the facilities of the web and the accessibility of fine travel and meet the demand of travellers looking for charming and exceptional addresses at ultra attractive prices.

What is your favorite destination in the world ? Madagascar. A wild land with very different landscapes, where people cultivate smiles and kindness. Sublime, deserted beaches and turquoise waters. What more could you ask for?

What is your favorite hotel in the world ? Uxua  Casa Hotel in Trancoso, Brazil. Created by a great fashion name to welcome friends from all over the world, it is now an authentic paradise where it is a pleasure to meet again.

What are the 3 essentials of your suitcase ? A good thriller, chaps (for horseback riding) and my iphone charger to stay connected!


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