Let’s go to la Barbade!

Barbados is cool….It’s the only place in the world where you can eat flying fish, drink Mount Gay, walk in Rihanna’s footsteps, feed caimans, sunbathe on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, surf, wave at Carnaval Crop Over and then fall asleep under the palm trees…

Barbados is chic…… because you’re going to sleep at SeaU. A wonderful guest house away from civilization, away from your iphone, your emails, the subway and the rain. A large colonial house near Bathsheba beach where coconut cakes and fresh bananas make you forget the routine.

Barbados is magical… and you have to go quickly before everyone else does the same.

Tent Bay, Bathsheba, St. Joseph, Barbados, W.I.
Tel: 1 (246) 433-9450 or 1 (246) 234-4801 
Fax: 1 (246) 433-9210
E-Mail: reservation@seaubarbados.com

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