What I love and love about Abu Dhabi

5 (very good) reasons to go to Abu Dhabi

1.     Flying on Etihad, the national company of the United Arab Emirates. XXL pillow, cream armchair, maximum legroom and indecent TV program, even when you travel in coach class, you feel like a Vip.

2.     See a horse and camel race at the Al Maqam racecourse, unique in the world.

3.     Sunbath 365 days a year on Yas beach and see the famous Gulf green turtles that come to breed there.

4.     Walking around the Arabian Wildlife Park and meet one of its 10,000 free inhabitants: Arab Oryx, gazelles, giraffes, hyenas and cheetahs.

5.    Escape into the desert to Liwa Oasis for quad biking, candlelit dinner in the middle of the dunes and a night under the stars.

And with so many…

If you have a lover, you go ahead and experiment the Circuit de Yas Marina (the Formula 1 Grand Prix).

If you have children, you dive into the Yas Waterworld, the largest water park in the world.

If we have girlfriends, we hang out at the Marina Hall.

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