Tendacayou or an incredible address in Guadeloupe

My dream for this winter?

Go to Tendacayou. Wake up on a suspended bed over the Caribbean Sea, sit on a hammock rocked by the sound of sugar birds, get a massage in the shade of mango trees, watch the sun set from the top of my jacuzzi in the trees and enjoy grilled lobsters around a table d’hôte. It is possible in Guadeloupe, in Tendacayou. Perched on the heights of the fishing village of Deshaies, each bungalow in this eco-lodge has a barbecue and a small kitchen on a sheltered terrace. Hidden in the forest, this secret paradise is ideal for two people to stay in a Creole hut (from 187 euros per night) but especially with friends in the magnificent Château Mango (from 347 euros per night for 6 people).

Tendacayou, Matouba, Deshaies 97126, Guadeloupe

Round trip flight Paris-Pointe-à-Pitre with Air Caraïbes from 400 euros.

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