5 reasons to go to Mahé, Seychelles

1.      Sleep at the Constance Ephelia Resort . Overlooking the Port Launay Marine Park and one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, this small tropical paradise covers more than 120 hectares. On the holiday programme: sunbathing around one of the hotel’s 4 swimming pools, grilled fish and homemade Adam and Eve chutney on the beach, iced tea (the house’s speciality) at the Helios bar, wonderful massage in one of the spa’s 10 villas, scuba diving, pedal boat trips on transparent water and dodo under a XXL duvet in one of the hotel’s 184 suites.

2.      Introduce the Anse Source d’Argent. Get on one of the local company’s ferries, the Cat Cocos Fery, to reach the island of La Digue. Once there, you will have to choose walking, cycling or ox-cart, the island has remained very wild and cars are banned! Head south to discover the most photographed Seychelles beach in the whole archipelago, the one of postcards and shoot!

3.      Lose yourself in the famous King’s Garden at the top of the Domaine de l’Enfoncement hill. Visit the old Creole house at the entrance to the estate, then stroll among vanilla plants and aviaries with hundreds of birds, breathe in the scent of cinnamon, pepper or muscatel, greet the giant turtles and explore the sugar cane fields. At the end of the visit, sip an ultra fresh mango juice while snacking on the best green pepper fish curry in the world….

4.    Playing robinson. Slip a snorkel and a picnic in your tote bag and set off on the paths of Mahé. The best route? Anse Major, most of which runs along Morne Seychellois National Park. In 1h30 of walking, you will discover spectacular rocky slopes, called “glacis” here, incredible vegetation and divine views of the sea. Once you arrive on the small remote beach of Anse Major, deploy your foutah, put on your snorkel and go tease the multicoloured fish!

5.      Sleep in the shade of latan trees and coconut trees, listen to the song of turtle-doves and do nothing…

More information on http://www.seychelles.com/fr/, the website of the Seychelles Tourist Office

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