But why Slovenia?


5 reasons to go to Slovenia

  1. Going to a country that is still secret and far from the beaten track
  2. Stroll through Lubjiana, the capital, discover the 1001 bridges that cross the Ljubljanica river, take the funicular to the castle and get lost in the small cobbled streets.
  3. Spend a day at Lake Bled, one of the most beautiful places in this mini country, stroll around its small island, visit its magnificent church and then enjoy a Kremšnita at the Grand Hotel with an unforgettable view.
  4. Visit Predjama Castle, a four-storey fortress that seems to house the entire Dracula family.
  5. Bring back Orehova Potica, a dry nut cake that is completely addictive, and Bucno Olje, a pumpkin seed oil to cook when you get home.

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