The Fogo Island Inn or the hotel at the end of the world

Because I want calm, solitude and nature,
Because I am in love with Canada and Canadians,
Because I’ve always dreamed of living on an island,
Because I want to observe the caribou herds while staying under my hand-knitted blanket,
Because I would like to be rocked by the crackles of my wood stove,
Because seeing icebergs passing by my window while drinking my coffee is a unique experience,
Because I can’t imagine the happiness of a whirlpool bath with a view of the ocean and its whales,
Because I’m crazy about fish, wild berries and mushrooms,
Because life is short and the earth so vast…..
I would like to fly for a week off Newfoundland at the Fogo Island Inn. Only accessible by ferry or plane, this paradise on the other side of the world seems to be waiting for me, doesn’t it?

Fogo Island Inn
Joe Batt’s Arm
NL, Canada
+1 709-658-3444
From 450 euros per night with full board

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