5 reasons to go to Holbox, Mexico

  1. Forget the subway and work on a desert island. A 2-hour drive from Cancun, on the north coast of Yucatan, Holbox is a nature reserve accessible only by sea and on which no vehicles travel.
  2. Make new friends. In Holbox, you can observe whale sharks, swim with dolphins, meet flamingos and chat with multicoloured birds.
  3. Sleep in a hammock. We booke one of the 10 bungalows in the Villa Flamingos, a luxury ecolodge on the beach facing the ocean.
  4. Play sports. Here, no car so we cycle, dive, ride, walk and breathe.
  5. Eat a balanced diet. For the evening of the 31st, it’s grilled lobster and margarita frozen, feet in the sand and head in the stars.

Shall we go?

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