A clandestine brunch for a changing Sunday, let’s go?…..

Because I never know where to go for lunch on Sundays and everyone talks to me about this incredible address, I decided to try the le brunch clandestin of the beautiful Ines.

A consultant and a frequent traveller, Inés had made it a habit to meet her friends once a month in unusual places for a secret, homemade lunch. His friends’ friends heard about it and wanted to test these changing Sundays. So, quickly, Ines decided to invite everyone to her house. In his 11th century loft, the kitchen is open, the recipes are crazy and the atmosphere divine. At Ines, we eat with each other, stroll in the sun, read beautiful books, listen to chill music and even buy a little decoration….

On the menu this weekend: green tea madeleines, ginger lemonade, homemade granola on 0% cottage cheese and maple syrup, hot melting pears, fresh goat cheese and honey on toasted toast with olive oil, orange beetroot glazed soup, New York cheesecake and lipstik coulis…


Don’t look for the address, Inés will only reveal it to you after booking on : www.brunchbyines.com and keep it to yourself, it’s a secret.

www.brunchbyines.com / 30euros per person / Only on reservation

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