The spot of Marie Courroy, founder of Modetrotter

Marie Courroy, the brilliant founder of the eshop Modetrotter, whispers to you his favorite address (to keep just for you).

La Pause, in the Agafay Desert, 30km south of Marrakech, is my paradise. A nomad camp set in a mini-oasis in the middle of nowhere. Here, no electricity, (to avoid during the hot weather), no noise, just fresh water, and lots of love. Meals are taken in an individual tent and everything is lit by candlelight as soon as night falls. It’s magical, timeless, and you can eat there divinely well.
The Pause is wonderfully named after him, we are just looking at the passing of time. You have to be very much in love or very tired. But for me, it was magical. 3 hours from Paris, the change of scenery is total. I like this place because it is cut off from the world, romantic as one would wish and the staff with a little care. You are so free, you take your meals at the time you want, you fall asleep a little bit anywhere and everything is done to let yourself go, but then at some point….

150 euros per person for one night full board – La Pause / Rue du Sergent Levet / Marrakesh, Maroc / +212 5244-21576

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