10 reasons to go to the island of Favignana with your family… (or not)

  1. It’s a secret destination. To the west of Sicily, the Egadian Islands are much less famous than their wind farm cousins. Accessible by boat in 30 minutes from the port of Trapani, they have a taste of the end of the world.
  2. It’s sublime. On this arid rock of only 14 km², there are divine beaches of fine sand such as Lido Burrone, Cala Azzurra, or Cala rotonda, small hidden coves, fantastic caves, a majestic mountain and hundreds of small winding paths.
  3. It’s a change of scenery. The water is so turquoise, the sand so white and the sky so blue that you would think you were (really!) in the Seychelles.
  4. It’s green. There is no pollution and no noise here because everyone rides a bike. The tour of Favignana is only 33km long and the roads are ultra-flat (yes we are in the car in the picture but there was no bike available at the exit of the boat…)
  5. It’s okay. It’s okay. We eat pasta with bottarga, fried vegetable pizzas and incredible arancinos with our feet in the sand and our eyes in the water.
  6. This is Italy. In the evening, we pedal to the village square. We sit on wooden chairs in the shade of the tall trees, facing the church, and we treat ourselves to a brioche ice cream while making the world over again.
  7. It’s the adventure. We rent a small boat without a permit to go around this paradise and discover places so wild that we feel alone in the world, we visit the Perciata Cave where a cavity allows sunlight to enter and make the water shine already so clear.
  8. We’re diving. The archipelago is a natural marine reserve and the seabed is insane: barracudas, octopuses and lobsters flirt with multicoloured corals. You can learn to dive at the Posidonia Blu Diving Center or we just leave with our masks and snorkels. Joy.
  9. It’s design. We rent this house near the village for 80 euros per night we stay dad, mom and the little ones in a place that changes. Or, we’ll booke this indecent kiff house right away.
  10. Do you really need a 10th reason to take your tickets?

We’re going for the All Saints’ Day holiday…. good hearer!

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