Jessica Alias SerialMother’s secret spot

This week, my friend Jessica (aka the funny SerialMother) gives us her most secret address: a Corsican convent that can be privatized, or not…. I dream about it.

This summer I want silence, scrubland, the sea, linen sheets, a soft atmosphere but with friends, a welcome like at home, Corsican soups and cheeses, a timeless place, a I don’t know what divine. So I run away with all my smala to Couvent Di Pozzo, on the beauty island, 20 minutes from Bastia.
In this 15th century building, Emmanuelle left the souls of the old people flying here and there through objects, photos and patinated furniture. We rent a room or we rent everything, we taste family recipes under the olive trees, we look out over the Mediterranean in front, the wild mountains behind and we enjoy our happiness, just that.
Divine, I tell you!

Couvent de Pozzo / 20222 Brando / +33 4 95 60 39 11 / / From 100euros per night in a Bed and Breakfast

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