5 reasons to go to Quebec this summer

  1. It’s economical. At this time of year, making a Paris-Montréal on Air Transat can cost you less than a Paris-Athens or a Paris-Dubrovnik
  2. It’s relaxing. Here, no fuss sellers, no pushing at the Mickey Club and no fights to book a table at the restaurant, we barbecue in the forest, we tease the trout, we dive into a lost lake, we take a nap under the maples and we take an aperitif on a wooden pier.
  3. It’s sporting. Here, the heat is not overwhelming but the sun is mild. We walk on the Laurentian trails, we run on the shores of the Saguenay, we go for long days by canoe, we get lost in the large parks on horseback or by bike.
  4. It’s wild. Here you can see whales in the St. Lawrence, beavers by the water, grey squirrels for breakfast and a moose at every corner of the road.
  5. We have fun with the kids. We eat maple syrup pancakes for breakfast, walk around incredible zoos, swim in transparent waters, live like trappers in the middle of nature (or not), people are adorable, sleep in motels by the road or in wooden cottages by the water, drive huge SUVs and really be free.

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