The retro address of Charlotte Balme, founder of the Yvonne Yvonne bags

This week, the beautiful Charlotte Balme, founder of the bags Yvonne Yvonne, gives us her most beautiful spot: the Manoir de Port Cros.

Even just the name makes you travel: “Le Manoir du Port Cros“. I feel like the Monte Cristo Count is waiting for me as soon as I step foot, getting off the boat. Because here, you arrive by boat. You have to deserve Port Cros. 

It has this strange feeling of steping back into the 70’s in a sort of Barbade or British aesthetic, everything is a little old-fashioned in this 19th-century’s building, but it also feels like you’re part of an elite. The elite of the ones (and there are not many) who stay on the island at night. 

We enjoy cicadas, a pre-historical lobster species with a fine taste, bare-foot and we end dinner with a cheeky rum to end up in Morpheus’ arms. The island is tiny, untouched, preserved. No need to stay long to reenergize. Donkeys watch us take in the silence of this perfect place.  Romantic spot!

Rooms are simple, happiness here is not found in the latest trendy lamp but in the sweetness of living, on an island which everyone leaves at 7pm! At night, the manor’s bells ring to call the privileged guests to dine by the water. The cuisine is refined and delicious, the local wines, the breath-taking view. My secret paradise. 

Hotel Le Manoir Port-Cros / Parc National de Port-Cros / Route du Barrage, 83400 Hyères / 04 94 05 90 52

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