The awesome journalist Jeanne Deroo gives us 5 tips to travel with a baby

Beauty journalist, always searching for new stuff around the world, the wonderful Jeanne Deroo gives us her 5 tips to travel with a little baby.

With her beau Patrizio, founder of the agency Al Dente, they jet off somewhere warm as much as possible since the arrival of their little Orso. Meaning, he took his first flight aged 3 weeks old and, in a year and a half, he had the chance to renew the experience over 50 times.

  1. I don’t listen to people telling me « it’s pure madness to travel with a baby », and that « it’s useless because he won’t remember it ». For me, what’s important, it’s the time I get to spend with him and all the little discoveries we make along the way, just the three of us.
  2. I always have my perfect plane kit: sweat-shirt + milk bottle + water bottle + toys and a scarf. The cashmere sweat-shirt: because it’s always cold in planes and I like to protect his ears from useless flight announcements. The milk bottle even if it’s not time to eat! It will save your life in case he screams and with people looking at you with a side eye, and, if his ears hurt for landing, it’s a great help. The scarf, it’s an essential to get comfortable, to sleep and against drafts.
  3. I don’t stuff my suitcase with french food but I always have his milk. When travelling, I tend to make him sleep in different beds every nights and all his routine is shaken, I find that giving him his milk, the one he’s used to, is like giving him a little treat. But, food wise, when he was 9 months old, whilst touring Asia, Orso enjoyed a korean barbecue in Tokyo, coco rice in Thailand, scrambled eggs from the hotel in Siem Reap and a mild curry in Burma. No matter what happens, you’ll always find rice everywhere! Same for diapers, I pack what I need for the trip and the first 24 hours, then I buy a pack in the country where I am. Even in Burma, where diapers look like plastic bags, they will do!
  4. I’ve invested in a Phil and Teds folding crib but I still question its use. I’ve noticed every hotels have baby cribs and, in guesthouses, if it’s just for a night or two, I ask for an adult bed that I stick to mine and, quite frankly, it’s all you need.
  5. I gave up on the idea of a strict nap. No way I’m stuck in a hotel room between 2 and 4pm. Oreo’s nap routine is wandering. He can sleep on 2 chairs at the restaurant or on a table in a café or in my arms whilst we’re visiting.

So? Are you booking a ticket for the Toussaint-break?

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