5 (really) practical reasons to spend the Summer in Sri Lanka with children

  1. It’s economical. Flights are not too expensive during the Summer and Sri Lankan Airlines offers a direct flight Paris-Colombo with perfect timetables. Once there, life is sweet and you can dine for 4 for less than 20€, even much less.
  2. It’s nice and warm, which is rare in Asia for this time of the year. Beware, go East to avoid the big monsoons of the South West.
  3. It’s wild. Tourists and resorts haven’t taken over the East Coast yet. You’ll mostly come across wild cows and tuk-tuks rather than air-conditioned buses and supermarkets.
  4. It’s safe. Here, no need to take care of vaccines and no dangerous illnesses either, we can eat (almost) everything and the water is safe for the little ones.
  5. It’s super kids-friendly. Children are welcome everywhere all the time. We asked Cesar to drive, everyday, the tuk-tuk and we got him 200 ice-creams at the beach. And for Balthazar, he was everyone’s favorite and everyone gave him candies, hugs and took pictures of him at each palm-tree’s corners.

5 things you still need to know if you want to go with babies (or little ones):

  1. Distances seem short but the time you’ll spend getting to a point A to point B can be long, even very long, even very very long.
  2. Drivers (at least ours) drive « indian-style » and gave us quite a fright. Drivers who, of course, have no baby car seats nor boosters.
  3. The ocean is rough. Kids can play near the water but, rarely, spend the day in a lagoon or chase multicolor fishes.
  4. Mosquitos are voracious, snakes are here and bugs too… You can’t be scared of little crawlers and coming without bugs repeller.
  5. Forget about strollers and take a baby carrier in your suitcase instead. Here, there are no pavements, a very few roads and not a lot of asphalt. It’s way easier to walk than roll.

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