My wooden cabin, less than an hour from Paris

Since I’ve came back from vacations, I dream of going away again. I dream of a wild shelter less than an hour from Paris, of cabins in the nature, fires in the fireplace, XXL duvets and silence.

Actually, I dream about sleeping at Cerf-Volant. I’d rent a trapper’s cabin for a weekend: a wooden cottage super cosy, lost in the middle of Rambouillet’s forest. 2 bedrooms, 2 mezzanines for the kids, a terrace, wooden garden furniture, a big fireplace made of stones and wool blankets, everything for my very own happiness.

The mini Davy Crocketts would pick some chestnuts and mushrooms and approach the deers and us, the grownups, we’ll drink red wine wrapped in blankets watching the steaks cooking on the grill…

It’s cliché but it’s so good. Who’s coming with us?

La Cabane du Trappeur / L’Etape du Cerf Volant / Route de la Chesnaye / Le Mesle / 78113 Adainville, France / +33 0(6) 33 72 10 56

Weekend pricing: 260 EUR pour 2 people, 470EUR for 6 people

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