Boris Coridian’s secret address, food journalist and digital maniac

The wonderful Boris Coridian, food journalist for Les Echos, M Le Monde and Vanity Fair and co-founder of the agency Les Digitalistes, gives us his favorite spot: an appartement to rent in Athens.

With my three kids and Sarah, we used to go to Athens quite often where my wife had family until recently. In the Greek capital, hotels are rather expensive and not always great. While browsing Airbnb, we came across this apartment decorated with taste. The retro atmosphere and the space allowed us to have the best stay and we discovered the city on a different angle. After a few clicks, I’ve found the agency Alternative Athens which offers alternative tours in small groups. Us, our friends and their 2 kids, we did the tour dedicated to food (my passion), it was really interesting and delicious. Our kids loved it!

NB: The apartment is at Kolonaki, nearby the American Ambassy, so it’s a real safe place in Athens… 

So, are we going to?

Ambassy Art House – From 72euros / night –  135m2, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


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