Paradise in Arugam Bay

Last Summer, I’ve discovered paradise: a beach on the other side of the world, wooden cabins under the coconut trees, a delicious restaurant and a stunning ocean view… I’ve always dreamed about finding a place as untouched as welcoming. I’ve even hesitated to keep it just for me, like a treasure, but I’ve changed my mind. Quick! Book a cabine at Upali Beach Surf Camp in Sri Lanka.

The camp is far away from the hustle and bustle of the little city of Arugam Bay. You have to walk 1km by foot to get there, there are no roads to paradise. The cabins are super simple and clean with a breathtaking Indian Ocean view and its waves. The bathroom is roofless, we brush our teeth under the trees and we take our showers under the Sun. In the restaurant, built on the sand, we order Nutella and banana pancakes, homemade cream cheese, extra-fresh pineapple juices and local buffalo milk yogurts.

We’ve spent our days looking at the surfers, walking on the beach, meeting people from all around the world, sleeping on hammocks and daydreaming on wooden deckchairs. We’ve taken tuks tuks to see the elephants, we’ve visited abandoned temples by the sea, we’ve had yoga classes and we’ve played with the monkeys.

Go there even just for the beach, completely deserted at 6am and feel like a real Robinson. We might just go back there…

Upali Beach Surf Camp / Arugam Bay Main Point / Pottuville, Sri Lanka / +94 72 423 7916

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