A real getaway, 90-min from Paris

Because I often want to get away, because I dream more of disappearing on Friday nights rather than taking the metro, because I love to spend my Saturday by the fireplace and my Sunday in the forest, I’ve decided to go to Domaine des Evis, in the Perche’s Natural Park.

Former fortified farm surrounded by moats, this old Perche house is the perfect shelter for stressed Parisians. We sleep in one  of the 5 super cosy bedrooms, we watch old movies in the projection room, we go fishing, we play board-games by the fireplace, we play table tennis or pétanque, we read, we take walks in the surrounding villages and, from May to September, we can even swim in the heated pool.

Bonus: on Sunday, brunch is served until 1pm. Yes to sleeping in, farm’s eggs, country ham, homemade terrines and yogurt and fresh juices…

When are we leaving then?

Domaine des Evis  28340 La Chapelle Fortin /  contact@domaine-des-evis.com / From 120euros for 2 per night / Breakfast included

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