The Breton address of Guillaume Salmon, Colette PR

Today, Guillaume Salmon, Colette’s PR (the most famous concept store in the world) and charming influencer, tells us about his favorite address: Le Castelbrac.

« I’m in love with Dinard and Brittany. The Emerald Coast is, for me, the most beautiful region in the world, each 6 hours, when the tide comes.

I love Le Castelbrac because it’s a modern hotel that looks towards the future, towards tomorrow.

I love Le Castelbrac because it is made for their worldwide customers but also for the people living in Dinard. They fell in love with it, and they adopted it, just like I did.

Located in a former aquarium, I love Le Castelbrac for their gorgeous historical stones. For all the history it caries with it.

I love the Castelbrac because it’s just aside the Promenade au Clair de Lune, this little trail between the beach, the Prieuré one, and the harbor.

I love Le Castelbrac because it’s giving life to this city that I love so much.


From 210euros per night


17 Avenue George V

35800 Dinard

02 99 80 30 00

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