Holbox Dream Beach Hotel or my secret address in Mexico

I want to go back to Holbox. I dream about this lost island, its breathtaking landscapes, its gorgeous nature and its ceviches.

Holbox, it’s the end of the world but not that far. You can find a direct flight Paris-Cancùn, 2-hour drive in the jungle, 30-minute sail and there you have it: Paradise.

In Holbox, there are no cars. You go round by foot, in mini-cars or bikes. You can rent a small electric car at every street corner and drive on the island’s trails, discover the forgotten beaches and untouched spots. Beware, if you’re more into sport than we are, you can also find bikes everywhere, but a few have children seats.

In Holbox, seagulls come eat under your very eyes, there are pink flamingos, hammerhead sharks, rays and colorful butterflies.

In Holbox, you can eat delicious ceviches for almost nothing, guacamole is to die for and drink coconut water just fallen from the trees.

In Holbox, the sea is turquoise, the sand is super white and we nap on hammocks on the water.

In Holbox, every nights, on the village’s beach, kids can rent motorbikes or mini electrical 4×4 to do it like the grown-ups, jump in giant bouncy castles or have fun in rides.

At Holbox, we sleep at the Holbox Dream Beach Front Hotel by Xperience Hotels. Paradise on sand, colorful hammocks in front of each room, wooden deck chairs under the palm-trees, fresh swimming pools in which we dive in when the kids are napping, a terrace to admire sunsets, banana pancakes for breakfast and super nice staff.

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  • vero


    Cherchant à organiser un séjour “repos” au Mexique pour mon mari, mes 2 enfants et moi-même, votre post a très vite attiré mon attention. je suis allée sur le site de l’hôtel et je me posais la question du choix de logement que vous aviez fait. il y a en effet une sorte d’appartement avec 2 chambres et sinon des chambres qui visiblement ne peuvent accueillir qu’au max 3 personnes.
    Merci de votre retour d’expérience!