10 cool ideas to discover Los Angeles with kids

 1. An unforgettable bike ride. Rent a bike, a tandem, a bike with baby-seat or a cart (anything with small wheels will do) in Venice Beach, and bike all round the boardwalk to the North of Santa Monica with swings stops, workout stops by Muscle Beach, smoothies on the beach and roller coasters at Pacific Park on Santa Monica Pier

2. A day at the beach. Book a table at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu, a unique place in Los Angeles. Breakfast on the sand, huge chocolate cake, private beach, multicolored Adirondak seats in front of the ocean and summerish cocktails…

3. Lunch in the park. Pic-nic on one of the wooden tables in the shade of the trees in Griffith Park and discover the observatory and its stunning view of the Hollywood sign.

4. Hike in the mountains. Sunday morning, prepare a picnic at the Malibu Farmers market and go for a hike in the canyons. Make a stop at Paramount Ranch, a cinema decor taken right off a western and go for a walk on the trails all around. It’s out of time and there are a few easy hikes.

5. A morning at the museum. Visit the Peterson Automative Museum. Fun, impressive and super amazing, it’s also a great way to get some fresh air when it’s too hot outside. If you still have some time, the LAMCA is located right in the front and you can have lunch at the Farmers Market. A special place where everyone can choose their lunch and we share on big round tables. We loved the Maggee’s Kitchen

6. A Saturday afternoon like no others. Go to Venice Beach and sit by the skate park, danse with the streets musicians, watch a basketball game, leave the kids in a giant playground under the palm trees and enjoy the surfers’ ball through on the waves.

7. Visit the Getty Museum. (Even just the tramway to get there is worth it). An incredible collection, a gorgeous and unique architecture, gardens with sculptures, an Explore room for the children and a stunning view all over Los Angeles.

8. Leave the kids go wild. Spend some time at South Park Playground in Santa Monica with surfing boards on springs, chalk sticks to write on the walls, huge pirate boats, American swings, foam floors, if you ever manage to take them out of this place, you can go to the beach afterwards…

9. Take advantage of nap-times for mini road-trips in the city. As soon as you see them yawning, jump in a car and drive around Mulholland Drive, Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard. When they wake up, stop by a Beverly Hills playground or for ice-creams on Rodeo Drive. Pretty Woman…

10. Shopping Time. Discover Abbot Kiney Bld, one the coolest streets in the world, browse through the vintage boutiques, its crazy ice-scream shops and try your best to keep your dollars in your pocket… Another great shopping destination: Melrose Avenue to buy everything from Fred Segal (and much more)

Of course, you can also go to the Los Angeles Zoo, say hi to Mickey in Disneyland, have fun at the Kids Museum of Pasadena, have lunch in Malibu Cafe or do 1001 other things but, still, in one week, i couldn’t do it all. We’re gonna have to go back…

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