5 reasons you should visit Marseille, by the wonderful artist Ninn Apouladaki

Ninn Apouladaki is an all-round artist, very inspired by nature. Living in Marseille, Ninn features in her shop (11 rue de la croix, Marseille), masks, sacred herbs, lanterns and tote bags. Inspired by the wilderness, all of her creations have some kind of magic and dream to them.

For MyTravelDreams, she gives us her 5 favorite spots in Marseille.

1/ I’m more of a B&B girl than hotel rooms, I look essentially for simplicity and meeting new people. La Petite Calanque is everything that I love: plants everywhere, sea just nearby, in the 8th district of Marseille, and a 20-min drive from the centre (when there’s no traffic!). This spot is for everyone who wants to taste the « secret » Marseille (you would totally forget you’re in the city there), it’s calm, near the nature. La Petite Calanque – 22 Calanque De Saména – 13008 Marseille – +33 (0)6 12 03 18 43

2/ La Pension Edelweiss is more for someone who wants to stay in the city centre, between the « vieux port » (historical harbor) and Saint-Charles train station. It almost looks like a Wes Anderson film, a trip down memory-lane. I love the colors of this place, so inspiring!  La Pension Edelweiss – 6, rue Lafayette – F-13001 Marseille – +33(0)9 51 23 35 11

3/ I love to lunch at La Passarelle, 2 steps from our boutique and from the harbor, a delicious restaurant, organic food, pretty plates and an atmosphere of mini gardens. Bonus: you’ll eat in the heart of an untouched garden, with fountains and reed fences, wonderful!  La Passarelle – 52 Rue Plan Fourmiguier –  13007 Marseille –  04 91 33 03 27

4 /I love the Bar FIETJE, a cool beer-bar, especially when it gets hot, a few steps from the Four des Navettes (the oldest bakery in Marseille) and the Saint-Victor Abbaye. BarFIETJE – 143 rue Sainte – 13007 Marseille
5/ I love La Vielle Charité, a magical place, historical, with its Musee des Beaux Arts library. La Vieille Charité – 2 Rue de la Charité – 13002 Marseille

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