The Villa Lena, a hipster-trendy residence in the middle of Tuscany

I heard a lot about the Villa Lena, a group of Italian houses lost in the middle of the olive trees, in Tuscany. The hotel can welcome around 40 guests and hosts artists too. We sleep in former stables, we rent a farmhouse with swimming pool, a small palace of 4 bedrooms. .. At night, we gather all around a big dining table, we can jump in 3 of the big communal swimming pools, we have a drink or two in a farmyard building, we discover right behind an oak-tree a playroom or a little cinema. Paradise, if I say so myself.

Villa Lena Foundation / Via comunale di Toiano, 42 56036 Palaia PI / (+39) 0587 083112 / 63 km from Florence International Airport / 45 km from Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport

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