10 reasons to go to Minorca next Summer

Next Summer, let’s book a house in Minorca to…

  1. Change spots every day. Minorca features almost as many wild beaches and criques as Majorca and Ibiza together, there’s plenty to chose from. There are the untouched ones, the good for families, the more sandy ones, rocky ones, windy ones and quiet ones…
  2. Drink a Pomada looking at the sun set. (or even when waiting for lunch). This local Gin mix (coming from a distillery produced in Mao) with lemonade is simply delish.
  3. Take a walk in lunar landscapes. Made in 1922, Favaritx lighthouse is located on an isolated top. To walk around here, is truly an unreal experience, and afterwords, we dive in the sublime Cala en Presili or in Cala Tortura. If walking is your thing, Cami de Cavalls is a hiking trail going round the island. You can take short walks and come back there and discover a preserved wilderness every single time.
  4. Work out. We rent a paddleboat (with a slide) or canoes in Es Grau and off we go discovering the wonders of Illa del Colom, isolated and wild. We could also rent bikes and discover all the beaches in the north. There are bike roads everywhere.
  5. Eat lobsters Calderatas until we can’t in Formels, on the Northern coast. Or maybe some cheese from Mao and carquinyols (small biscuits) in the village of Es Mercadal.
  6. Danse in a cave. Cova d’en Xoroi is one of the most famous nightclubs in the world. Built on a cliff, it offers an incredible seaside view and also the most crazy parties in Minorque. (ps: you can also have lunch there with the kids if you’re in vacation with the fam)
  7. Rent a boat to play with the dolphins, dabble with the colorful fishes, dive in the wild criques and discover the steep coasts.
  8. Enjoy your family. Our best tip? Organise a football competition for the kids in the calanque of Cala de Alcaufar (the field is hidden in the back of the beach), while adults can have a drink at Xuroy’s Hotel. Perfect to end the day with friends. We also loved ordering a paella to go at the corner’s supermarket and eat it on the terrace in our pyjamas. Or go see the horses race at Mao’s racecourse. (from May to October, every Saturday from 6pm), your call !
  9. Visit Ciutadella. Oh what a joy after a super hot day to get lost and wander in its shady little streets and eat ice cream on a deserted small square. (and cool too)
  10. Wake up early. Minorca is a quiet and wild island. here, no DJs on the beach, no crazy parties and no noise… We rest, we breath and we take in the wilderness.

PS: Little tip: Minorca is not a secret for travelers anymore and this destination is very coveted. If you want to enjoy the true beauty of the island and its perfect beaches, go there between 8am and 11am then from 7pm to 9:30pm. This way, you’ll avoid the crowds but also the strong heat.


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