The secret cave of Charlotte, the inspiring founder of the Fighting Kit

Charlotte Husson impresses me as much as she inspires me. I find her beautiful, full of energy, optimism and I like her willing of changing the world. So, when the Fighting Kit’s founder (kits and essentials to fight cancer for the patients) has accepted to share her favorite address, I booked a ticket for Bari!

‘I’ve had an amazing experience at the Sextantio, Le Grotte della Civita. 5 years ago, we had decided to drive along the Southern Coast of Italy. After the wonderful Puglia, we ended up in Matera. As soon as you enter the old troglodyte city, the surprise is total and we quickly discover a timeless hotel. 18 rooms, National Park Alta Murgia views and candlelit nights give a magical atmosphere to the hotel. We sleep in almost cloistered caves, between stonewalls and arched doors. Upon waking, breakfast is served in the 13th-century chapel, we indulge in organic and local produce: Matera bread, homemade foccacias, ricotta, mozzarella and jams to die for.’

Albergo Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita / Via Civita, 75100 Matera MT, Italy / +39 0835 332744

/ From 160euros per night.


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