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June 25, 2015
The sublime address of Daphné Hezard, Fashion Director of the Monocle

This week, Daphne, Fashion Director of the Monocle and a great traveller, entrusts us with her most beautiful address around the world: Shambala. A hippie place, out of time, set on the Turkish coast between Bodrum and Antalya. ‘I like The Shambala because it’s a place in Turkey where the waves are particularly positive. Because…

June 18, 2015
Jessica Alias SerialMother’s secret spot

This week, my friend Jessica (aka the funny SerialMother) gives us her most secret address: a Corsican convent that can be privatized, or not…. I dream about it. This summer I want silence, scrubland, the sea, linen sheets, a soft atmosphere but with friends, a welcome like at home, Corsican soups and cheeses, a timeless…

June 11, 2015
The address of Aurélie, founder of the blog Home My Way

After Marie, it is the beautiful Aurélie, founder of the Blog Home My Way, who gives us her best address. Travel addict, she travels the world and loves to share her adventures. His Instagram Account is a journey on its own and his Facebook account gives us every day desires from elsewhere. I spent one…

June 3, 2015
The spot of Marie Courroy, founder of Modetrotter

Marie Courroy, the brilliant founder of the eshop Modetrotter, whispers to you his favorite address (to keep just for you). La Pause, in the Agafay Desert, 30km south of Marrakech, is my paradise. A nomad camp set in a mini-oasis in the middle of nowhere. Here, no electricity, (to avoid during the hot weather), no…