Who am I?

I’m a journalist and mom,
I love travelling around the world,
I like to discover new places and destinations that are changing,
I’m crazy about charming hotels,
I love nature and people,
I like living barefoot,
I like to drink cocktails on the beach….

As a journalist in the high-end press for a long time, I know how easy it is to make people dream with ultra-luxurious hotels and a five-star service. As we are not all rich and famous, I wanted to share addresses in which you can be as happy as in a palace without breaking your piggy bank. Keep them to yourself, they’re precious.

As a travel addict, I know how easy it is to find more than nice spots in famous destinations but how do you do it when you have desires from elsewhere or when you dream of exploring new playgrounds? On MyTravelDreams, I’m talking about charming small towns, abandoned beaches and crossing roads.

As a super-henny mom, I like to travel everywhere with my two boys and my newest little Suzanne. Some people like to say to me, “But why are you carrying them with you? They will have no memory of it’. I do not travel with them to build memories for them, but to build their future. I love more than anything to open their minds to the world and make them discover a thousand and one things far from their daily routine (and mine). I remain convinced that everything you offer them during their childhood builds their little heads for life. As we lovingly cook organic purées, as we like to read them wonderful stories or as we like to talk to them in a foreign language, they will not remember them but they will never be able to forget them.

To write to me: marie@mytraveldreams.fr